Friday, January 4

An Open Book

I would like the internet to stop following me around. Please. It's one thing to run an on line business and have a public presence. It's quite another to have your every move noted. I'm not even sure how they do it.  Does this happen to you?

Late last night I was catching up on some blogs.  The advertising was geared towards me. At first, I thought, what a coincidence. (I'm not too bright late at night) Then I realized how intentional it was. First, there were ads for racing suits from obscure swimming catalogs. Then, some wire organizing baskets and some Kind bars.  Of course, in the past few weeks, I had searched for all these things.

Do I need to clear my cache every night? Do these super programs capture your private viewing  habits anyway?  If I'm going to participate in a focus group, I want to be invited. I don't want the moderator to sit down on the couch without even being asked.

Happy Weekend and Kiss the ones you love,


Bridget said...

yes I have noticed this too...on facebook also. I dont like it but I'm not sure what if anything I can do about it.

Weird Amiga said...

I clear my cache + cookies every single day. I also do it after visiting sites that store my delicate information —banking sites, etc— in case I end up in some sketchy site later on the day...

Clearing periodically speeds up your browser too.

BlackStar said...

I noticed it too and will clear my cache if I remember.