Sunday, March 6

A New Beginning

my true blue spirit level bracelet

"The key to change let go of that fear.
-Roseanne Cash

My new website went live on Friday. Here's the full url: It also incorporates a new Word Press blog and links to tumblr and flickr and most of the places you can find me. I'm still selling in my lovely little etsy shop too, in fact we will debut our housewares line there.
I hope you'll visit me and bookmark my RSS feed. That's how I plan to keep up with your blogs.
It's like that post I wrote last week about Driving Miss Daisy. It's simply time for me to be the driver.

Life is Change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.
Kiss the ones you love,


Chloe' said...

Hey there! just discovered your blog =) i really love your bracelet.. it's a nice reminder to find the balance in your life (something im working on atm!)

thankyou for sharing =)

Catherine Ivins said...

it's gorgeous Sherry- a perfect home for your amazing work- I am so excited for you as you launch this new beginning!

xo- Cat :)

Janie said...

Sherry, your new site is drop dead gorgeous! Great job putting that together!

Anonymous said...

Life is change, growth is optional. I totally hear ya sister! ♥

Working on some growth myself right now.


Can't wait to see your new site, going now!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Congrats on the new beginning!

I am trying to think of the lows that often bring change less as lows and more as seasons. If it's winter now spring is coming!