Monday, September 6

Balance? Not always.

Happy Labor Day. Hope you are enjoying this glorious weather with friends and family. That's my plan for later today. This morning though, I'm working. Why? Because I want to. I feel recharged after a stellar vacation and I am bursting with ideas and pieces that have to be completed.
I've been thinking about balance and trying to look at it in a bigger picture sort of way. When you work for yourself it is a luxury to structure your time in a way that fits you best. Of course there are deadlines, commission work, unexpected family issues. For the most part, though, you are steward of your time. I'm using mine wisely.
So, what I've been practicing this past week is flexibility more than balance. Sometimes I like working with a sense of urgency that enhances my creative spirit. Other times I am slow and methodical.
I don't always have to go to the post office in the afternoon or ride my bike (yea, for cooler weather) in the morning. I've stopped making those long" to do" lists.
Sometimes just a little flexibility opens up the possibility of an experience your never thought about. Make your heart beat faster, take a risk. That's my plan, and the sky's the limit.
Kiss the ones you love,


Catherine Ivins said...

my plans for the day include lots of production work, nonstop Harry Potter episodes on the tv in my studio, open doors and windows, so I can convince my muddled brain I am working outdoors ... and lunch on the front porch - labor of love on labor day sounds like the best way to go to me, too, Sherry!

xo- Cat :)

Anonymous said...

I'm about ready to throw the word 'balance' out the window, because just about the time I think I'm getting there... I look around and see chaos. And then I clean up my messes little by little, and make new ones...

I'm working today too. So I don't have to play catch-up tomorrow.

Glad to hear you are fresh and full of new inspiration, can't wait to see what's in the works!

Kathy said...

I had a wonderful day with nothing planned and it was so awesome. Michael and Bernadette stopped by, I got some work done and just enjoyed the day.

Right now I am trying to fit so much into a single day that it is becoming taxing to my brain and to my spirit.

Between that full time job, the commute, the treadmill, the yoga or PT, meals and my etsy shops there is very little time to think these days. I am trying very hard to figure it all out...knowing full well that the "me" parts have to take in the treadmill, the yoga or PT and the healthy meals.

Somehow I will find a way to make it work. It's sometimes hard to do the stuff I don't like but need to do before the stuff I love. :)

woolies said...

Balance has been changing around here. As my business grows, and my kids grow, change is in the air.

BlackStar said...

I quit making to do lists a long time ago. I think I get more done without them.
We spent a couple of days in the woods, sleeping out under the stars, listening to the owls in the distance. I have 'third day vacation head'. :)