Tuesday, June 1

Dream Out Loud

Church in Cape May, NJ

We drove to the seashore for the funeral of the dad of some dear friends of ours. It was the kind of funeral, as far as funerals go, that you hope to attend. A good man, who raised 7 children in a small row house in South Philadelphia. He was a man who always worked two jobs, set an example in deed, not word.
He saved enough money, so that he and his wife could retire to a small white cottage by the sea surrounded by the sun, sand and family he loved.
Later that afternoon we set off on a drive down the coast, changed into shorts in the car like a couple of teenagers and ate salty fries and chocolate shakes for supper.
On the drive we saw an upside down house for sale. Plenty of parking, a small shop downstairs and living quarters above. My briefcase carrying husband sighed. "I wonder how many bike shops are here? I wonder if you could make a living fixing bikes for the locals and renting bikes during the tourist season?"
"Maybe, honey, you could make lunch for the cyclists?" Hmmm. I didn't like the thought of being tethered to a lunch counter......but, what if I made a small picnic lunch for them to take? "Even better", he replied. I make good sandwiches. Really good sandwiches.
"We could even have a spot in the shop for you to sell your jewelry". OK, I thought, now you're talking. I can work anywhere. Have torch will travel.
So, that's how the dream begins. Out loud.
Dream big, out loud and kiss the ones you love,


Kathy said...

That sounds so wonderful....that's how all success starts Sherry....by talking about it and making it known to the universe. I can see you doing that!

Catherine Ivins said...

That sounds like a wonderful life Sherry- I can totally see that happening for you! Saying it out loud is probably step 5 on a 1-10, think of how many of us never even figure out what we want, let alone have the courage to Dream Out Loud-I love it!!

xo- Cat :)

Katie Gates said...

This reminds me of a wonderful quote from Thoreau: "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." Go for it, Sherry!


Pretty Things said...

Cape May is on my list of places to visit this summer -- it's not all that far away from me.

lisaroy said...

oh!! that sounds like an absolutely wonderful plan! and you CAN do it if you set your heart to it! ; )

msbelle said...

What a wonderful post. I like that. "Dream big, out loud, and kiss the ones you love." Will remember that. :)

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

What a lovely post...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dream! Kevin and I think of having a small shop along a country road someplace. Or possibly along a river... where he could give fishing tours and I could paint up old pieces of wood furniture and sell other handmade/found nick-nacks in a shop on the road... *sigh*

Waterrose said...

yes! Sounds familiar, but we are heading for the Southern Oregon coast. He to do things with boats, me textiles... Closer to our son and hopefully a relaxed life!