Saturday, May 29

Awaiting Summer

The fireflies made their inaugural appearance in New Jersey last night, and then buzzed away as we lit a fire and gazed into the night sky.
Hope your long weekend is filled with little moments that clear your mind and lift your spirit.
Take a moment on Monday and honor the soldiers we have lost and a prayer to bring those fighting, safely home to the families who wait.
Kiss the ones you love and take them out for ice cream,


Kathy said...

Thanks that is an awesome picture. Did you take that? I love it! Haven't seen any here yet, but soon.

Today is yard work, tomorrow is play and Monday the parade and service in the park.

Ginny Huber said...

Wow, Sherry..I miss fireflies! I grew up not far from New Jersey and fireflies are a wonderful summer time memory. They haven't seemed to find their way to the other side of the country where I live now, I always enjoy seeing your blogposts..and wish you a fine weekend, too.

BlackStar said...

I saw the first firefly last night! Summer is officially here. Happy weekend.xoxo

Rebecca said...

Love the photo! I grew up in Massachusetts where we called these little insects fireflies... but here in the south, they're known as lightning bugs. Thanks for your always-special reminders, Sherry.

hatjunkie said...

Since moving from NY state to Nova Scotia I forgot about the fireflies. I loved that. Maybe they like the heat. No problem on the ice cream.

lisaroy said...

I love fireflies - they're so magical!
Our long weekend was last weekend but I hope you have a wonderful few days to spend with family and friends. xx

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I was just thinking fireflies! It's always a celebration here when they come out. We saw the first about a week ago, and I've a number of firefly pendants I need to photograph and list as soon as my shop opens again.

Sweet post.

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thanks Sherry! Have a great weekend!

bomobob said...

Wewo, that's absolutely gorgeous!