Thursday, May 27


No, not Three Mile Island. Too Much Information.
In college, I had an amazing sociology professor, Dr. Leo Rigsby. I was fortunate to also be in his employ with a work-study grant. I was thinking about him, and the research we did, (well he researched, I collated, punched computer cards of data and got coffee) I also listened, a lot.
While one side of my brain was thinking of him, the other has been trying to figure out why I dislike twitter so much. Why, every time I go there, my palms get sweaty and my head hurts.
Finally, both sides of the brain met. One of the projects we worked on was about the dissemination of information and how we dilute experiences by talking about them too much. The more people we tell, the less intimate the experience. The more people that repeat it, the less accurate the details.
You do remember whisper down the alley, don't you?
Much as I have tried, I do not understand it. You talk at people , not to them. You sit in front of a computer screen of pixels with no idea who is on the other side. Why?
I made a whole list of important people who don't twitter. And then, I realized, they don't care if you do or not. I don't either. It's your choice.
I'm not going to say that I never found a valuable piece of information on twitter. I have. But I could have found it elsewhere without also reading about the NPR reporter who tweeted about a blemish on his nose or what someone had for lunch.
I keep thinking I'm going to miss something. I'll scroll through pages of tweets. I'm not missing anything. It's just not for me. Now I know for sure.
Making time for something else and kissing the ones I love,


Kathy said...

I tried Twitter and I will admit that my main goal was to promote my etsy shop...which I did. Once in a while now I will go on and tweet about a new item....but rarely.

I also don't have time to chat with people I don't know about things that I don't really care about. I just can't get into it.

I'm a very private person and maybe that's part of it. There are many parts of me that I don't share...even on my blog...and I like it that way.

I'm glad people are on twitter and I'm glad that they find enjoyment in it. I'm sure they meet people and learn things....for me there are other ways. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

That's funny because I always think three mile island when I see TMI. Twitter- yes, I do it- would I do it if I didn't have a business- no. I agree about the talking 'at' because no one you respond to is ever on there when you respond. And, I do worry that we are raising a generation of people who only think things are worth doing if other people know they do them!

xo- Cat :)

Rebecca said...

Twitter? Only if it means birds are involved. I have never been on the site nor do I intend to. I have found that I spend way more time on the computer than I ever intended... all because of a business. First I had a website, then an Etsy shop, then a FB fan page, then a blog... and that is enough for me. Sometimes I wonder how much good it does. But I do have to add that through my blog and others, such as yours, I have found some interesting people... some of whom I truly wish I could meet face to face!

Sherry said...

Kathy, I too am private, I share far less info in real life than I do on this blog...

Cat, Your last line really says it all. I totally agree that "telling" so much has become the norm. And, because I am stubborn, I am determined to run and grow as successful business without twitter.

Rebecca, I don't use facebook either. But, I have come to love this blog. I get to say whatever I want, talk with amazing people, and build relationships that are meaningful to me.

lisaroy said...

ok, so I'm not the only one who thinks that way! I have no interest in twitter and think it has just become a promotion tool for businesses. it can go away anytime now! : )

Wild Sparrow said...

I had to crack a smile as I read your post! You're quite right that we lose a certain amount of real-life-experience while we're online. I know I do!

Only recently have I joined Twitter and returned to somewhat regular Facebooking. I can easily get caught up with online activity and forgo fun in real life. (And what fun is that, really?)

So many people seem to have this same problem.

But of course, every time I open my "Creative" bookmark folder, I know that I'll while away hours of amazing blog browsing. There are just too many incredible, creative ideas out there for me to help myself! ;)

BlackStar said...

But, but, but...I joined twitter because you did! :)
I rarely tweet, but I'll keep it for now. I too am pretty private and share very little about myself/life.
I scale back on everything during the growing season, but I do enjoy visiting certain blogs.

Waterrose said...

That is one of my favorite movies...

We must be on the same wavelength this week...too much information and what's even worse is so much contradictory information. Makes my brain swell.

I still like twitter, but am not there as much. What I really like is connecting with people from so many different places...people I would have never known existed if it weren't for the internet, twitter, blogs... I would have never met you my dear....hugs

Scott Bulger Photography said...

You are not alone Sherry. Over a year ago, Nielson came out with a study showing that 60% of Twitter users quit after 30 days.