Friday, June 4

Dream Out Loud Part Two

Happy Friday, folks. It's a beautiful day in June where I live and I'm still dreaming big. Do you day dream? It's important. They should be outlandish. After all, if you reach for the stars and fall, the moon will still catch you.
1. George(Clooney) stops by David Letterman for a chat. He puts his elbow on the desk. Dave says, "Mighty fine looking cuff links you have there, George." "Oh, I got them from Sherry Truitt", he smiles.
2. I'm the one that gets to spend the day with Bill (Clinton) to help pay off Hilary's campaign debts.
3. Lance (Armstrong) telephones. "Hey, Sherry are you training today?" "Why, yes I am, Lance." "Great, I'll swing by and we can go for a ride."
4. TEDtalks sends an email. You've got 18 minutes, Sherry. What have you got to say? Oh, I better get working on that one!

OK, it's your turn, what are you dreaming about?
Have a wonderful weekend. Now, I better go kiss my husband since I've been spending so much time with someone else. :)


hatjunkie said...

It's good to go right for the top. Usually, I just see the e-mail of the request to appear on Martha's show or often I find myself writing my etsy seller of the day speech in my head.

Mary said...

dreaming is a good, good thing...i'm doing a little dreaming myself these days and thinking about what i do and don't do, what's working and not working....good luck!

Rebecca said...

You always entertain me, Sherry! And my, yes, you do dream large! Good for you. Today I'm dreaming that several of my paintings will fly off the walls at my solo exhibit which is opening this evening (read about it on my blog) and that I'll get a few custom orders as well! Now there's a dream I'd like to see come true@

Catherine Ivins said...

I thought you were dreaming a little something else about George! What a great post - okay - I get a call from Planet Green that I have been selected the host of a great new eco-crafting show and at the premiere party, where I am looking TOTALLY amazing I should add, the buyers from Sundance, Anthropologie and too many stores for me to keep track want my lines desperately and place large orders which enables me to hire all the out of work women in my town at top wages. Planet Green decides to make my home totally eco-friendly and it gets a complete makeover. Olive gets an invitation to meet Bo and George and I tag along and convince Obama to kick some major butt starting with BP.

xo- Cat :)

Sherry said...

@Anna, I get that same email, but I tell Martha that I'm not sure I want to demonstrate my process on television.

@Mary it's all a journey, but I tend to only dream the positive.

@Rebecca, they are all going to fly off the walls, all!!!

@Cat, as I first read your post, I thought, what's she going to wear, because I totally see you doing that, and of course your work and my work are side by side in those shops and on line. And, I agree with you on the Obama thing, get moving man, but I'm sorry , I'm not quite through with George, yet.

Kathy said...

I am dreaming that the consignment shop calls and tells me they are running out of my things and could I please make more in a hurry! :)

Kendra Zvonik said...

Fun post, Sherry!
I like the bit at the end about you kissing your husband. . . I'm always dreaming about kissing my husband because I am really that in love! Eternal romantic :)
I also have a dream that I finally find a painting style that people can identify with and want to own. Then, maybe a good gallery discovers my work. Pretty simple sounding dream, but its the simple dreams that are sometimes the most difficult to obtain.
And I agree with you, George is gorgeous.

bomobob said...

Lance and I ride every day:)