Tuesday, February 22

Driving Miss Daisy

Some days you will drive Miss Daisy. Those disparate elements on your bench will become a great piece. You will pack and ship and read all sorts of brilliance that will inspire you. You will go to the gym (foot of snow on the ground where I live) because you will feel better for having done it.
Other days, you will be Miss Daisy. You will be the passenger. An unexpected snafu will take hours of your time. The code on your website will not be quite right and you will eat that second cookie. (metaphorically, or not)
The key is to roll with it. To understand that you cannot be the driver every day, makes those times when you have to sit in the back seat just a little bit easier.
Besides, isn't it easier to kiss the ones you love in the back seat?


Waterrose said...

So well said. Just have to roll with the punches some days so that even small accomplishments feel good.

Mary said...

I love this post...love it, love it, love it...so true and so fitting for me this week in particular ;-) Thanks for posting it!

Catherine Ivins said...

In so many parts of my life I am a passenger right now and life is taking my family wherever it chooses - but with my business this week - I am the driver! Even if I have to be one of those annoying backseat drivers - I am in control - maybe I will head south- need a ride? - we can trade off driving!


elisa said...

How true. Thanks for reminding us all to relax (or try to) & let things happen as they will when we're not in charge or in control.
Have a great weekend.

zenhen said...

well said, Sherry..