Monday, July 19

What's a hand crafter to do?

There is no going back. This is what I do for a living, it feeds my soul, it feeds my family. The pitfalls are deep, the rewards are as high as the clouds in the sky. Now it's time to look for the balance and some middle ground.

I've been whiny lately. I know sometimes you cannot escape feeling that way, but you have to stop at some point and move on, suck it up, make a new plan and remember why you are an artist in the first place.
A lot of stuff has happened in the last few months. I lost a magazine placement through no fault of my own, I've had my work and photos copied by both individuals and a company. I have factory jewelry sold along side of my own for half the price purporting to be hand made. My customers ask why.
After shutting off the computer for a day and a half, this is what I've learned. I'm resilient. Dish it out. I can take it. I'm not going anywhere.
I learned I have a reputation. Why didn't I know that? I learned that both my work and what I say is respected. I have been tweeted about, written about on the forums of 3 different ecommerce websites and have an email from a magazine writer I have yet to respond to.
I think discourse is fine, I relish a difference of opinion. But most of all I value integrity, the joy of creating work that is mine alone and a husband and son I adore.
I look forward today, instead of back, and I wish the same for you, my friends.
Kiss the ones you love,


annechovie said...

Don't let the copycats get you down and keep up the great work!

Rebecca said...

Sherry... can you see me standing and applauding? Because I am, honey! So proud of you for this post, for your resilience and determination... and so happy for you that you have a wonderful husband and son to love who help to keep you strong! Go get 'em, girl!

BlackStar said...

I have a lot of respect for you dear sherry. But you already know that! xoxo

Catherine Ivins said...

Ack- I just lost my long comment! Well the gist was- Reputation- yes, the one thing we have some control over Sherry! And yours is stellar!

So glad you will still be at the artsy table with the rest of us nerds! I love this post- truly you've nailed what really matters here.

xo- Cat :)

Brenda said...

There seems to be something in the water (or air) lately ... but love your attitude. Integrity, reputation, and kissing the ones you love. You've got it. :)

Sherry said...

Thank you, I feel the same about all of you.

I had an outstanding day.

Waterrose said...

Sherry life seems to have moments when you have to take a deep breath. You beam integrity and I have seen some of your threads where you give back to the community. I hate setbacks and it does seem to make one more resilient. But it doesn't make it easy. Sending you hugs and another and another outstanding day...

Ginny Huber said...

Hi Sherry; Well, you have gone through a lot and have managed to nail it for all of us as Cat Ivin says above; I'm always impressed with your openness and ability to find the nugget in all of that happens. Thanks and here's to resilience and to being suxh a good artist and person!

AB HOME Interiors said...

Great post! Im a designer and shop owner. I get the "why does yours cost more?" question all the time. It drives me bananas. No one appreciates quality anymore! Bravo to you!

Fringe said...

Dearest, you can whine to me anytime. I completely understand what you've been going through...only too well.

Let me say this. You are indeed highly respected and your knowledge and talent is highly regarded and valued.

You believe in the same things I do...meaning the integrity of being in business, working hard, following your dream and taking the high road. Plus, you are loved!

Continue what you're doing...and if it helps, work and create in your own little bubble, ignoring the unethical copiers and underpricers. I've found that there are many, many people out there who appreciate handmade in our sense of the word.

Also, I'm a strong believer in karma...

Much love! xoxo

Gila (11m2) said...

Hey sweetums. I agree, sometimes life sucks. I especially hate that a commercial company will now be copying you - and who knows, if they offer wholesale, they might even pop up on Etsy. Yuck.

But I agree. All the ugly stuff has been discouraging me the last days. And the only thing you can do is concentrate on what is good - and let go of the rest.

Your items will remain special, no matter what. It's not just the design, it's the hand that made it... no one can copy that.

Hugs from Germany,

Anonymous said...

I only wish I have the same courage and strength as you, some day... ♥ though it's been a blessing to have you as a friend, and someone to admire too, it's true. :)