Wednesday, July 21

The Clay Thrower

Did you every get on a catalog mailing list and wonder why? Maybe those marketers who surreptitiously drop cookies when you buy on line know you better than you think.
Yesterday I got an L.L.Bean Hunting catalog in the mail. Pacifist, that I am, hunting for mushrooms or moss is about as risque as I get. I decided to look through it anyway before I threw it in the recycle bin.
And, there it was, the Do-All Three-Quarter Clay Thrower. I have, in all honesty, always been fascinated with those clay pigeon throwers. I find myself excited by the description. "Throws all 5 clay types as singles or stacked doubles" Who knew there were 5 types?

Having a lot of pent up frustration lately (see previous 1001 posts), I start thinking this could be fun. So, I set the catalog on the table, opened to page 20, next to my husband's dinner. Cool, isn't it, Bob?
I have a husband who takes everything I say literally, at first. "Honey, you can't set one of those up in the yard, you need an open field." Oh. And, "Sherry, you need a gun. You don't have a gun. " Oh, yea.
I do, though, have a bright yellow bow and some arrows on a shelf in the basement. I even think we still have a target somewhere in the garage. And that my friends, sounds like a plan.
Duck, if you are in my neighborhood today and kiss the ones you love,

ps They have some awesome hats in that catalog!


BlackStar said...

I looked at the title and picture, and before reading, thought it was a new kind of potters wheel!

We have a hand held thrower. I've always been the one to throw them, never shot at the discs.
(wonders if we still have them)

elisa said...

Like BlackStar, I too thought it had something to do with pottery.
Enjoy your session with the bow and arrow today. That sounds like a great way to get out some anger - or at least divert your attention to something else.

Sherry said...

Katie, can I come down and play?

Rebecca said...

My dad used to take my brother and me out for target practice when we were small. It was always a special time, and shooting at tin cans was fun! When I grew older, I came to understand just how much I admired my dad for taking the time to teach us gun safety... and many other things.

So it was no surprise when my son was on the Riflery team in high school. There were several events: rifle, bow and arrow, skeet, and black powder. Vegetarian that he is (as well as his mom and his brother and sister), he did enjoy target practice and shooting and was quite good at it. Won Black Powder in the State Tournament (those things are L O U D!!) and did quite well with his rifle. He made me proud! He didn't do skeet, but that was always fun to watch.

And yes, Sherry, for him, it was a good (and safe) way to relieve stress. But I guess instead, one could just sit around and look at the catalogues that come in the mail and dream of ingenuous ways to use all those items that are produced and sold... or not.

fisheye said...

Throwing things can be fun! I've lately been getting fireworks catalogs, and I am a big fan of peace and quiet. And both of my single, college student kids have been getting diaper coupons regularly for a year!

Catherine Ivins said...

Ack- I thought this was a new kind of potter's wheel, too at first!

This is totally what we need Sherry. I fired a gun at a shooting range once and was very good- made hubby very uneasy that I did way better than him. We never went back though- that kind of power could be totally corrupting. I love the idea of putting some names on those clay disks though ... would that be bad ....

xo- Cat :)

lisaroyhandbags said...

This is too funny how you end up on a hunting catalogue mailing list! It might therapeutic to throw things though - I've always wanted to take a stack of plates and one by one throw them at the wall. why, I don't know but perhaps it's an extension of my desire as a little kid to squeeze the loaves of bread in the grocery store. : )