Thursday, June 17


Mr. Webster, of dictionary fame does not recognize the word, declutter. Google however has 693,000 entries provided to me in .30 seconds. Just in case you needed to know. You can declutter the Zen Way, with Oprah's declutter guru, in 15 minutes a day or the green way. Notice I gave you no live links. I'm trying to make a small point here.
You know that pile of papers on your desk, supplies on your bench, that pile of giveaway clothes on your porch? Deal with it. How many times have you thought about tackling it, organizing it, making it just go away?
It won't take that long. All the minutes you spend thinking about doing something instead of doing it, add up. Wasted time, wasted.
While I was at Staples today (note to self, buy stock if they are publicly traded)purchasing labels for my printer, I also bought a few things in my quest to become more organized. A new blotter calender, did you know they have year calendars that start in July? Perfect. A bound set of colored file folders because my talented friend Cat uses them to get organized, so it MUST be a good idea. I also bought a set of peel and stick reusable book marks.
I'm tackling the piles of stuff I have walked past for way too long. I'm giving myself 15 days to get organized so I can start using that calendar on July 1st. I have some great projects up my sleeve and I need my house as well as my mind ready. Now, where did I put that bag?
So, pick up that glass, put it in the sink and kiss the ones you love,


BlackStar said...

I'm tackling our garage right now! The Goodwill boxes are growing and the recycling pile is getting higher. Feels good to finally dig in.

Catherine Ivins said...

Well, I've actually only opened one of those files since I so nicely 'filed' them, but YES we are getting organized in the next 2 weeks, I am with you on this!!

xo- Cat :)

Muna's Treasures said...

must be that time of year because i am doing the same thing ;-) good luck!

Engagement Party Dresses said...
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Anonymous said...

I think this is what's on my list for today too. ♥

Rebecca said...

Ha ha... I'm feeling a little smug here. For the most part, I have been decluttered for the past 6 years, ever since we moved to our smaller house in the woods. Out went all the silly crap that somehow finds its way to shelves and drawers; out went all the boxes filled with kids stuff since they were all now grown and on their own, having taken what they wanted; out went all the clothes I no longer wore... a big old yard sale took care of it all and we were on our way to a simpler way of being. YAY! So good luck to everyone who is decluttering... it's a very liberating and refreshing experience!

Kathy said...

I am right with you on this one. My workshop is a disaster and I need it clean. I can't work when it's like this. I'm ready....

Pretty Things said...

I SOOOO need that photo!