Friday, June 18

Declutter, part 2 or why

fashionista will never be written after my name.
It seems that the decluttering bug has bitten just about everyone. Yesterday, my husband came home with a pocket full of photos.
Seems that one of his coworkers had a desk full of old pictures from company picnics. Instead of throwing them out, he kindly sorted them and passed them along.
I really had to laugh out loud. Just earlier that day, I had sorted mountains of clothes to give away. Things I was sure I'd never wear again. Like, a pair of white jeans with a waist slightly too high. What was I thinking?
Gasp! There I was in those white jeans paired with ridiculous white socks. Let's not talk about the hair.
What can you do but laugh?
So, tell me why do men and boys always look good in photos?
Have have a lovely weekend and kiss the ones you love,
ps My scanner won't enlarge the photo, so you'll have to double click to get the full effect. :)


Kendra Zvonik said...

have a great weekend sherry!

lisaroyhandbags said...

I've been doing a fair bit of organizing around here and it really helps when you actually have somewhere to put it. I guess my hubby caught the bug too since he was going through his closet in Ireland and sorting through pants that still have pleated fronts, shirts a bit too baggy, WHITE SOCKS! Doesn't it feel good?
have a great weekend! : )

Catherine Ivins said...

You guys look adorable! I think I had that outfit- actually I still wear white socks - my daughter is always saying I don't need socks passed my ankles- huh?

xo- Cat :)
very brave to post with the hair- just saying ... I am not brave enough to post my old 'super bangs' shots

BlackStar said...

Weren't you worried about getting grass stains on those bright whites? :)

Rebecca said...

oooh... let's not talk about past fashion stories! Those 80s clothes that had once been in my closet? EEGADS! But it's fun for the kids to see those old photos so they can have a good laugh too.

Jennifer said...

This is great! I have a sun and husband and I had to laugh at your question about men and boys looking so great because I always think the same thing :)

Kathy said...

Great picture! I had a pair of white jeans too and I do believe I had that same haircut at some point!

I had planned to start working on my shop today, but that didn't happen. It's still very much in the plan. Already overhauled the kitchen and bathroom....still have much to do.

Anonymous said...

gah. I don't have much luck with my scanner either, though I'm sure someday I'll meet someone with magic hands. LOL.

I think men always look good in photos because their look is more timeless than ours... we get better as we get older. :D