Wednesday, April 21

The Shortest Earth Day Post You Will Read

Happy Earth Day!
No statistics here. Just the three things I believe will change the planet. Do them. You know why.
1. Never buy water in a plastic bottle again.
2. Stop polluting the planet with those infernal leaf blowing machines. That's why rakes and brooms were invented.
3. Ride your bike 2 times a week somewhere you would normally drive.
Kiss the ones you love,
ps Yes, I know I am one day early, but it is tomorrow in Australia. It will give you a chance to get started.


stacy di said...

great post. I just need to do #3. {My neighbor always leaf-blows. Not sure if he owns a broom...drives me nuts}

Rebecca said...

Oh yes... I HATE those leaf blowers! Good riddance to them!
A simple post, but great!

Catherine Ivins said...

ACK leaf blowers- don't get me started- we believe our leaves are tired in the fall so we just let them lie there.

I hate lawn mowers, too and can't believe we have a lawn at all- my husband was once cutting the grass and a rock flew up and broke a car window that was driving by and hit the driver in the face! The guy jumped out screaming and ready to beat my husband up.

I love your shortest post ever- agree on all points!

xo- Cat :)

Julie Beck said...

such simple concepts... it's amazing how being lazy can do such destruction

Kathy said...

Great suggestions Sherry!

woolies said...

We stopped buying water bottles a long time ago. HATE them!

1 more suggestion - recycle. paper/cans. easy peasy.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Woot! I'm all over it. I love being in the know. Happy Earth Day, Sherry.

Muna's Treasures said...

haha--did you read my post on my typepad blog? you will laugh ;-) happy earth day and i love that you found the little snake on my nature blog ;-)

elisa said...

I love this post Sherry!