Tuesday, April 20

My advice? Just Whistle

When my in box hit 1089, I knew I had to do something. It's not one of my favorite tasks, but when I start going through the emails, I see patterns of information and lots of stuff I don't need.
So, my favorite fire king mug in hand, I settled on the sun porch to organize. Orders and payments into folders. Notes from friends in another. Offers of pet medications Zorro sniffed his nose at, pills for passion beyond your wildest dreams, DELETE.
It was also alarming to see the number of blogs with daily advice I subscribed to. These are blogs by people, not like us, who make their living writing and telling other people how to be successful. Some are insightful, others are not. Many give advice that leaves me scratching my head....you know the ones that require so much thinking, planning, writing each step down, networking, tweeting, journaling, facebooking (yes I know there is no such verb).
Do they actually work in a studio, have a family that requires food, clean clothing and love? Let alone appliances that break, neighbors that need an ear, gardens that need tending. Who am I to judge?
I'll just give you the advice that worked splendidly for me all day yesterday. It's advice I learned years ago from a lovely dark haired girl and her seven small companions.....just whistle while you work. You can also hum a happy tune. It's good for the soul.
Kiss the ones you love,


Catherine Ivins said...

ok- I will admit my dark secret- I cannot whistle- I have to inhale to whistle and it is very lame- I am wondering if this is a genetic thing like tongue rolling - but I hear that snow white song in my head now which is just as good...

xo- Cat :)

Jessica C. said...

If you can't whistle, sing, and sing LOUD. My mom used to have to close my bedroom doors while I was working cause I was singing Disney tunes as loud as my lungs would let me. I felt so much better though. :o)

BlackStar said...

That many emails to read would freak me out! I'd need more than a whistle to get through that. :)

Rebecca said...

I try to check and deal with email each day, though I am not always successful. I get crazy when I see a long list of things that have to be dealt with... I simply hate sorting through all those emails, but they do unfortunately tend to add up. Sounds like you handled it well, though!

And yes, whistling and singing tend to make those kinds of chores a little easier, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Well said Sherry! I am trying to build my business on simplicity. It's what I've always wanted. ♥

Waterrose said...

Catching up with you...hope you have your cup of tea close by. I've been without communication tools for 10 days...camping in Utah...loved it! Guess I better get whistling...