Friday, April 9

Information Vacation

print courtesy of the amazing Sophie Blackall
With visions of SEO dancing in my head, I am taking an information vacation. My brain is on data overload. You think I'm kidding? My husband looked up from the table this morning to kiss me as I passed by and I looked down and started picking key words out of the newspaper.
So, I'm taking a few days to recoup and use different parts of my brain and body instead. The weather has cooled a bit, so I'm going to work out in the garden. We have our regular Friday night sushi date planned, as well as a long bicycle ride on Sunday.
I hope to spend some time in the studio as well as in the basement with the kiln. I may even glance at the ever growing pile of laundry by the washing machine. That laundry shute seemed like a good idea at the time.
And if those famous bloggers and tweeters with advice of venture capital and angel investments and how to grow your business in 10,001 steps are looking for me....I'll be out on the porch in a white wicker rocker in need of paint. Novel in one hand, a box of junior mints in the other.
Enjoy your weekend, kiss the ones you love.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend, Sherry! Enjoy your "vacation!"

Fringe said...

Your weekend sounds heavenly. Can I come join you :)? With my husband gone, the boy and I have grand plans...a picnic tomorrow for starters.

I'm right with ya on the SEO overload. I seem to have visions of keywords dancing in my head. All. The. Time. We all need a break...

Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend...xoxo

Catherine Ivins said...

I'm with you! I have been immersed in SEO all day and really could have used the brain space I have just saturated with the REALLY important stuff like finding another good bicycle path and where I can get a box of junior mints- right now! Luckily for me, my memory is terrible and this SEO stuff will be gone soon and I'll have that space back!

xo- Cat :)
Have a wonderful weekend friend!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I hear you! It just feels nuts. I've taken a bit of a break as well. It felt good the last few days to just step away from the computer.

I thrift shopped, organized kid clothes, started a yard sale heap (next weekend! Yay!), took the kids to a movie, read a book.... just... lived!

Enjoy your weekend! Now I've got Hüsker Dü running through my head... "She went into the movie
She's been there ever since
She walked out to the lobby
For a box of Junior Mints"

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Sherry the words of your blog have inspired me today. Although we come from different worlds, words bonds the differences. I need to come here more often as you say it best. Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for my daily inspiration. Have a fun filled day.

BlackStar said...

Ha! We went camping this weekend. No computer, phone off, SEOwho? Even though we've come down from the mt, I'm still not back.