Monday, April 5

Hot from the kiln

New work from the kiln.
Vitreous glass enamel on fine silver leaves. I've used semi- transparent lead free enamel so the leaf veins will peek through. Wasabi green and a soft sea blue green that I ground and mixed myself.
Hand forged sterling silver findings.
Botanical, organic, earrings and necklaces. Available now in my shop.
I had a long talk with myself. It's time to do work that challenges and inspires me instead of what is expected. Really, Sherry, it's ok. (more on that later in the week)
Challenging yourself?


Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Sherry- These are totally gorgeous and yes, unexpected! I love them!

I was just writing a post for later in the week about working hard (doing the challenging thing) rather than working long (what I usually do)- I think we are channeling again!

xo- Cat :)

Rebecca said...

I love these new earrings!! And yes, challenging work is always much more exciting and inspirational! Moves us beyond the routine into the, dare I say, sublime? Yes, sometimes that's how it feels. With new work, one can spend hours and hours and hours in the studio and emerge a truly whole and satisfied person. Congrats on moving into this exciting arena!

Laura Flavin said...

Sherry, your organic leaves are beautiful. I am happy that you feel good about challenging yourself and pushing through the space of needing to work on your old designs ( what's expected)....and working on new designs and inspirations.
Last summer I was able to take an enameling workshop with Linda Dart, she is amazing (do you know her work?).....enameling fascinates me!! I have not been able to exploring much further yet.
Thank you for the inspiration today to work on the unexpected.
~Laura husband and I live in east falls and we are looking to move and thought fairmount would be good for us....but then decides to stay here in east the Wissahickon and we are closer from here!

Laura Flavin said...

I meant Linda Darty...

Bridget said...

These new earrings are gorgeous. I haven't challenged myself artistically lately, seem to have lost my muse, but I feel she is coming back real soon, or at least I hope so.

BlackStar said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the colors. :)

Kathy said...

I just love them! How awesome. Congratulations and good for you! People will love them!