Friday, April 2

Food for (thought) Friday

week 5


When I was in grade school I had a friend, Dory Minnick. She was one of 7 children, and they ate a lot of cereal.

Her house was filled with all different kinds. Her family ate those horrid nuggets with yellow moons and pink clovers, cocoa krispies that turned the milk to chocolate and others that were slightly more healthy.

Once a month Dory's dad would pour the cereal that remained in each box into a large plastic bin. The family had to eat the cereal mix before they could buy new cereal. It was always fun to be around when he started pouring.

I don't really have a good segway, but I wanted to use today's post to update you on a few things and Dory just popped into my head.

1. You all left the most outstanding comments on yesterday's post. Thank you. I had an amazing bike ride. Yes, I was a little nervous so I decided to wear a mouth guard on my upper teeth. It was so beautiful out I soon forgot about it. With each pedal stroke my legs felt stronger. The only time I remembered was when I took a corner a little fast, and I thought, "hey, you're not supposed to do that!"

2. In just three short weeks my husband's glucose levels have dropped to about 89. That's 13 less points and we've just begun. He's using blue agave nectar instead of sugar in his coffee. I've used it before and liked it. It has a very low glycemic index. We've only talked about it a little but he's making little changes when he eats away from home. That's very cool.

3 Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution continues tonight at 10:00 on ABC. It's also replayed on Sunday afternoons.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. If you celebrate Easter or the end of Passover, enjoy.



BlueTerracotta said...

Glad to hear all the great news! And I love the cereal story. That ad about the "hearts, moons stars and clovers" has stuck in my head from childhood more than any other.

Waterrose said...

What a wonderful thing to husbands drop in sugar levels. We have also made significant changes in our diet since my husbands brother had a heart attack a few weeks ago. Life seems to send a lot of wake up calls...

BlackStar said...

I used to love cereal for breakfast and we ate many of those pictured! My mom rarely 'cooked' breakfast for us kids. I bet they would taste horrid now, especially since I'm used to homemade granola.

Have a great weekend~

Kathy said...

Great news all the way around. Good for you and good for hubby. Changes like that are not easy to make, but it can be done.

I use to love much. I could eat it for every meal...but oh my...I would never mix them. YUK.

Now the only cereals are eat are healthy organic ones....and let me tell you...they are okay, but they sure aren't Cap'n Crunch!!

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the bike ride!
Wishing you a lovely spring filled with happy and safe adventures!
I enjoyed the cereal story..... what would we do without cereal ? In my young, poor and single days, a container of milk and box of Wheaties and I was set for a week!