Saturday, January 16

Spring Thaw in the Northeast

Oh, what a beautiful day in the middle of January to ride a bike. This is my favorite bike. Yes, it's the one I had that "accident" on. But, it's fixed good as new. My hubby rode with me and just brought me home so he could get in a longer ride.

So....have a wonderful weekend. Can anyone come over and make me lunch?



Pretty Things said...

It was "warm" here in MD but my joints are feeling the cold front coming through. I'll be SO happy when it's kayak weather again!

Fringe said...

How lovely! There's nothing better than getting outside for a bit each day and just enjoying one's surroundings. Some of the best inspirations happen that way.

And how does grilled cheese sandwich sound? I'll be right over :)


Kathy said...

It's freezing here in Illinois and the snow is still piled high everywhere. It will be good long while before my bicycle comes down from the rack in the garage!

Glad you had a nice ride...I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Happy early spring Sherry! I'm ready for it too!