Saturday, January 23

Ingredients for Success

I had a bad day at black rock yesterday. But by night fall I'd let it all go.
1. We went out for sushi and a beer. OK, maybe two.
2. We had a fire in the pit which always soothes my soul.
3. It was the clearest, most beautiful winter night I've seen in a very long time. Mars was visible. I thought it was just a stunning star until my husband pointed it out.
4. Constellations and calm.
5. This morning the fire was still smouldering and we had coffee outside while the dog ran.
Ah. Looking for business success? Ooops, the page you are looking for does not exist! :)
ps Have a fabulous weekend!


Mary said...

sounds like a successful time to me ;-) glad you're taking some time to regroup and recharge. always a good thing

connie said...

ENJOY! Sounds like you had a lovely evening... Times like these are so important.

Maybe if you don't think about your business for a few days you can approach it with a new perspective.

Pretty Things said...

I'm sorry about your bad day. But it sounds like you did a typical Sherry and turned it right around!

(In answer to your question about jump rings -- no I don't cut my own rings. I am a klutz, and I like my fingers!)

BlackStar said...

Sorry about the bad day. About that picture of the night sky......Let me analyze it first and see what it reallllly is. :)

The fire sounds wonderful. Wish I was sitting up at Crystal Lake in front of ours. Rain cancelled those plans.
Have a great weekend.

elisa said...

Your day might have been bad but it sounded like you night was great! What a peaceful and relaxing evening. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...

Sounds wonderful to me Sherry. Good for the soul kind of night.

tattytiara said...

Now that's the way to spend a winter's evening.

Fringe said...

I understand that whole bad day at black rock thing. I do wish it hadn't been that way for you, dear heart.

I'm glad you were able to turn it around. I always find that stepping outside and being with nature makes me feel better. Every time.

I also agree that backing away from work and for a bit can be very good for one's soul.


Beadin By The Sea said...

Your photo is as crystal clear as the sky. I'm glad that you managed to turn around a bad day. As for the "ingredients for success" I'm still waiting... meanwhile I guess I'll have to try and figure it out on my own!