Thursday, November 13

Technology Be Damned


Using technology can be a blessing and a curse. I wouldn't be a successful business woman if I didn't sell on line, advertise, blog and bank on line. But today technology turned my hair gray. Neither our desk top, nor my laptop would connect to earthlink. The WAN and the LAN and the VPN wouldn't talk to each other and the error messages made no sense to me.

So, after 3 hours of frustration, I went to the library, answered my e-mails, did a little business, had a lovely cup of coffee and came home. I wrote to my husband and gathered the required customer service numbers, not looking forward to an afternoon on the phone.

But, I walked in the door, and the desk top was humming. I turned on the laptop and it worked too. I'm grateful. Now, I'm going up to my studio and make some jewelry, today, with hand tools only.

I hope Katherine Hepburn has as much good fortune as I did.

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Double Dipped Sweets said...

Oh, the joys of modern life!

High Desert Diva said...

Good ol' Kate saves the day!

Glad everything is working again.

Mary said...

i love that you connected this picture to your story! one of my favorite movies for the holidays and i love, love, love that big computer and that kate hepburn is smarter than it, and faster, too!

thanks for sharing. i just have kiln issues driving me out of my #$%^& mind!

Kathy said...

Technology is wonderful...when it works. Nice blog!

Kathy said...

Just me again! Thanks for checking out my blog. Yep, I've changed my thought process on Christmas cards and it is such a relaxing and enjoyable event now. Thanks again for checking me out. Mine tonight will be about shopping for a dress for my daughter's wedding....and I don't like dresses. I see you do and those are great looking dresses!!

Sascha said...

Isn't it harrowing when our seemingly simple tools aren't working? I nearly lost it last month when I got a stupid virus on my computer! Thank goodness I had my old laptop to use!