Tuesday, June 19

Herbal Delight

Last week's rain, and this week's heat have certainly been wonderful for my herb garden. I picked a fresh bouquet just for the dining room table. Today I included tri- color sage, rosemary, extremely fragrant oregano and spearmint. I'd love to show you the beautiful basil, but I used most of it to make a walnut pesto for dinner. Yum!

The lettuce is almost done and I will have to wait until the end of summer to sow a new crop. Can the tomatoes and eggplant be far behind?


Gina said...

How lovely to grown your own herbs. I have a section of my yard we call "the meadow" because it's been left to it's own devices. It loves the rain heat combination too. It's uber wild now.

Nina Kuriloff said...

This is a very beautiful photograph.


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

mmmm fresh herbs... I can smell the sage... someone at our farmers market made sage jelly that I sampled yesterday.. it was quite nice.

FYI - Courtney from Crave Lousiana just posted to my site that if you mention SandraEileen when you order there will be extra goodie

sherry said...

I've never had sage jelly, it sounds good. I'll eat anything from my garden over pasta!

We have a great little shop here that makes eggless fresh pasta. It's wonderful.

But, what I really want is a praline or two.

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks beautiful!X