Sunday, December 9

The Artist in Business

                                                 Edith Hilder

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I've read about "burn out" in three different places this morning. I would love to write a diatribe about it, but since it is 2 weeks before Christmas, the short version will have to suffice. 

 We all have to make a living unless we are born millionaires. Being an artist in business means that at some time during the year we are more business than art. I would do anything in my power to NEVER EVER work for someone else again. Sometimes that means many 14 hour days in a row. Sometimes it means production work instead of a one off design I am dreaming about. 

 And, because it's my name on the box, I'm willing to do that and more. Renewal and change are really good things. I think they are what fuel all of us during "burn out" times. 

 I take time for myself (see post above) every day.  I swim or work in the garden. Sometimes I even read a book that's just pure fun.

I don't lose sight of the dream, nor the gift of self sufficiency my craft graces me with.

Kiss the ones you love and get back to work.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Very well said Sherry, thank you for posting this! ♥