Monday, February 14

So, it appears my target market is

just about everyone. Anecdotal experience, in a moment. If YOUR target market is narrow, well defined and that brings you more work than you can possibly dream of, then this post is not for you.
I always get a little nervous inside when I'm told to figure out my target market. Pin it down, make things for them, advertise to bring in the right kind of buyers. Hmmm.
Over the past 6 years I have learned that what I like to design and craft is what my customer likes to buy. I incorporate new lines now and then as well. Some work, some don't. My customers are tweens that buy Twilight map jewelry, brides to be, teachers, adventurers, lawyers and musicians. Couples that have adopted from a far away place and couples who are celebrating milestone anniversaries. They are cyclists and couch potatoes who somehow find meaning in my work.
They are overwhelmingly female on etsy and overwhelmingly male on my website. (Yes, I do keep statistics) I once made a copper topped map necklace for a sweet man who told me that copper was for the 7th anniversary. 7 years married, how lovely. The man wrote later to tell me how much his wife loved the gift and also let me know she was 78 and he was 80.
What works for me is casting a broad net. If I don't, I feel like I'm leaving someone out. I know it goes against popular advice, but there are other ways to look at things. Always.
Perhaps I defy Madison Avenue, or perhaps I just like beating my own drum just a little bit more.

No, I didn't forget it was Valentine's Day. Thanks for reading, now go kiss the ones you love,


Catherine Ivins said...

we are totally 'n sync again (ok I'll let you be Justin, but I get to be Lance) - traditional target market thinking = baloney


Sherry said...

Man, we have got this state covered don't we? Now look out for flying arrows, I am taking archery up again.

Tatter Beans said...

Being a new market is something I am finding hard... and your right its scary ...

BlackStar said...

Target what? Who? I've always been out of the box; if there's such a saying. If not, I just made it up.
Happy V'day Sherry.

lisaroyhandbags said...

I would have to completely agree! I've often wondered the same thing myself and really cannot narrow it down - I sell as much to women as I do to late teens and most of my buyers on Etsy are women and on my website are men! funny! I figure if I just keep making the things I enjoy, someone out there might like it!!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my interview at hodge:podge! And I hope you are having a love-filled Valentine's Day xo

Pretty Things said...

I make what I like, too. And it works! And it's working for you, too, yay!

PS, Loving my map!

AMIdesigns said...

I totally agree - I don't aim for a target market, I just aim for anyone who wants pearls LOL. I've awarded you a Stylish Blog Award, please check out my blog for more details :)

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for this post! As far as I'm concerned, my target market is the shoppers of etsy. Mostly women, but some men too...

I like to think that my brand/style has grown in the last year or two, but in general I think of my shop as a place for gifts... and my customers buy that way, sometimes for themselves, sometimes for someone else.

So for me too, my target market is wildly random...