Tuesday, December 21

Have Grace and Hit Pause

The last of my holiday packages are now at the post office, soon to be in the hands of my lovely customers. Heather's wedding cuff links have arrived in the UK amidst dicey, snowy conditions. I didn't mix up any packages this year ( you may remember last year's United Arab Emirates/ Edinburgh Scotland snafu)

Our beautiful Christmas tree is up and drinking water. Well, either that or Zorro thinks it is his new improved water bowl. My guys strung the lights last night and I'll finish up the decorations today.

I have a scathingly brilliant business idea for the New Year (thanks to Patty Duke reruns, that is my favorite word) but for now, I'm just letting it gel in my mind and will let Mark Zuckerberg have his moment in the sun.

Because, I am having grace for the wonderful year I have had, and will take pause to enjoy the toys Santa may bring me.

Hope your Holiday Season is filled with joy and love and a little snow.

Thanks for each and every time you read my posts and kiss the ones you love,



connie said...

I hope you have an incredible holiday Sherry, I am looking forward to ours. Sending many good thoughts for your new business plan. I love my necklace as I am sure everyone else who owns a piece of your work feels. ENJOY!!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

have an amazing holiday Sherry! I agree, it's wonderful to cherish the year we've had and look forward to more blessings in the new year :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Wonderful post Sherry and wishing you a wonderful holiday! I still have to express mail a couple things tomorrow even though I promised myself I wouldn't and I shipped off family presents today unwrapped inside their boxes- ugh- but I am definitely ready to hit pause and pass the eggnog!

xo- Cat :)
p.s. I think all your ideas are brilliant

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Sherry! I knwo this message is a few days late, but still heartfelt. ♥