Saturday, October 23

The Sweet Middle

hand crafted love buttons from my etsy shop
I think I've found the sweet middle between blogging and remaining silent (impossible for me)
I hope you'll follow me on tumblr: I'll be sure to follow you back.
Hope you've been kissing the ones you love,


Mary Andrews said...

Love it! I still haven't taken the tumblr plunge yet myself and will be sure to add you to my reader so I can keep on following!

Keep well,

Kathy said...

Oddly...I have considered the same thing and even blogged about it. I just don't care as much about writing my blog or reading other blogs as I do about some other things and I have decided to find a better way of balancing my time. I have so much going on in my life right now, that blogging is no where near the top anymore and that is okay with me. I will blog, when I feel like it, and read blogs if I feel like it, but there is no schedule...and no have to's..just me and what I feel like doing. I respect your stepping away and coming back because you wanted to. Good for you Sherry...and my heart is breaking for you, your son and the family that lost probably a wonderful young man.

Waterrose said...

Good to see you again Sherry.....and I'll see you on tumblr!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry!

So glad to see you back blogging again, yay! I have always admired your wise words.