Thursday, June 10

How you spend your money

...or why you don't have a Yellow Rolls Royce.

it's an awesome movie, if you've never seen it.

I am much louder on my blog than I am in real life. I don't really do well at large gatherings with people I don't know. I'm not too good at small talk. My husband once gave me a tip for gatherings like this. Just act like an anthropologist, be an observer not a participant. That advice has served me well. Until, the other night....


A lot of the women in attendance had high powered positions in city government or business. Actually, the woman hosting the event used to work for me during the time I now refer to as "run for train in high heels". When asked what I did, I should have said I run my own business, but I said I was a jewelry designer. A few women looked at me like I strung large wooden beads on a shoelace like a 3 year old. I thought they might pat me on the head.


The conversation turned to a cable television series they all were watching. When asked what I thought, I told them we didn't subscribe to cable TV. Audible gasp.


Our little town did not have cable for the longest time and by the time it did we were no longer interested. My husband says from time to time we can have cable if I want. But, regular TV has 3 PBS stations , 1 sports station and 1 movie station. I love Mad Men and Weeds, but wait until the past season comes out on DVD and I buy it dirt cheap on Amazon.


Back to the story. It seems these women didn't know anyone who didn't have cable TV. I knew they were going to ask why. I readied the math calculations in my head. They asked. Long silence. "Well", I finally said, "where I live cable costs about $100. a month. That's $1200. a year. In the next 40 years I could spend $48,000. on programs I won't remember in a week. Or, I can pay for 2 years of college for my son that will serve him well for a lifetime". Silence.


I was thinking of asking if anyone wanted to pay for the other two years, but just then my husband walked up and thought it was best if we went home. We didn't laugh until we got to the car.


Tell Margaret Mead I got too involved with those I was observing, and kiss the ones you love,



Sparkle-Me! Designs said...

haha!!! Your response is too funny. On a coincidental note, I was just chatting to a lady yesterday on the subject of how uncomfortable large crowds make me.

p.s. i love mad men too!

BlackStar said...

I got as far as here: "Until, the other night...." and started smiling. :)

Mary said...

haha--that is great! i had a custom tile design business for 30 years and was written up in all sorts of home and design publications but when people like that asked what i did i always felt like they wanted to pat me on the head, too. one snotty woman i know still asks how my little tiles are doing.....sometimes you just have to laugh so i'm glad you did ;-)

as for the cable--where i live there is no tv without cable--no pbs, no local stations, nothing-- but a basic package is about $11 a month...which is what we do...

EMILY said...

That was beautiful! Perfect response, I'll have to remember it in the future and pass it on to all my friends who don't have cable either. There are much more important things in life!

Catherine Ivins said...

Ack! OK, first I never speak up at parties and mostly avoid them all together- whenever my husband and I have had jobs that sounded good on paper- I hardly got the chance to say what I did and now am constantly challenged by it- although this also challenges me in drs offices completing forms, etc, so I am easily challenged, I guess.

Yes, you are a jewelry designer and maker - you are an international jewelry designer and maker, you are a well-known international jewelry designer and maker- you've been in People magazine for pete's sake- if I had been in People magazine I would work that into every conversation- yes, I'd like fries with that ... because I was in People magazine, you know... try that next time!

About the cable, I don't know how you do it Sherry- not sure what I would do without court tv while I work!

connie said...

HEHEHE!!! Great comment!

I too hate large crowds! I am impressed you were able to have such a great answer in a large group. I would have just faded away!

Rebecca said...

I am wondering what kind of event this was where you ended up being surrounded by these women. It gives me the shivers. I am not good in crowds, whether large or small, and I am not one for small talk. Even among people I know very well, if there are many gathered, I am normally a listener. Perhaps that's why I type a lot of other people's blog... something about the written word!

Anyhow, I love and applaud your cable tv response. Many of those kinds of things went by the wayside for us when I quit my job two and a half years ago, and we are much better for it. No cable, no cell phone. But I do maintain DSL. Sometimes I feel like giving that up too... along with the computer. I always wanted to be a farmgirl...

Oh, we are Mad Men fans too... but we rent instead of buy.

Sherry said...

Wow, we are all peas in a pod aren't we? I think it's just the DNA of artists. I didn't actually think of the response on the spot, it was something I thought of before.

The gathering was for women
'who do more", well maybe they do, but they were not kind nor friendly for the most part and we went as a favor to my former employee.

Oh, Cat, I forgot I was famous, thank you. That means a lot considering you are in Uncommon Goods catalogs the world over.

Mary, there's a lot of head patting, instead of patting each other on the back.

Rebecca, I can send you the last season of Mad Men if you want it!


Waterrose said...

I'm an observer too. But I worked in the Cable tv industry for 2 decades (i was there when MTV turned on the in high heals...and haven't been able to break the habit. Try telling people you are a textile artist...they don't even know what to say. I hardly bother explaining anymore, unless some really is interested..

Kathy said...

I can't stop laughing. You are awesome!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Wonderful story, Sherry! You took me there, right to the scene!
And I can relate . . . yep, artists are generally cut from the same sort of cloth!
have a great weekend! xo kz

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I don't know what I enjoy more... your story, or the great responses, or the feeling that if this group was having a gathering we'd sure have a lot of wonderful 'art' things to talk about.

Love Cat's response! Don't forget that your work is in the private collection of celebrity. Right?

I have the additional handicap of explaining that I work with polymer clay...which I'm sure some people hear as 'Play-doh'.;^P

Oh, and cable tv? Haven't had it....ever! With the switch to digital we now get six stations. Three PBS (one all in Spanish), one news, one weather and one religious. Best overheard conversation from kids. "I don't know if I want to watch NOVA or read."


Barbra said...

Wonderful post,Sherry. Is it something in the artist DNA that goes haywire in crowds? I'm afflicted for sure.
Please check my latest post for a thank you to...YOU!

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Sherry I wanted to stop by and tell you thank your for your support during this past month. I am finally out and about again. You are special!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sherry, you go girl! You are so wise, my friend. I truly do admire you. ♥

p.s. I am keeping this snippet of thought with me for the next time I need it...

"When asked what I did, I should have said I run my own business"...