Wednesday, June 23

A Cog in the Wheel

Last week while writing my post on Greenwashing, I started to have thoughts about something else. I have been running my own business for about 5 years. Until the last two, though, it was only a tiny blip on the radar screen.
I have big plans for my business, but it was thinking in a different way that got me really excited. I am a cog in the wheel that has no end. It is a leap of faith to start your own business even if you are backed by venture capital. (which I am not) I come from a background in social service, so I've had to learn the business side of things as I go along.
My wheel has a lot of cogs. There's the designer who made my logo come to life, and the printer who brands it. There's the company I purchase my post consumer waste gift boxes from and the firm that sells me waterproof bubble mailers. They have an awesome tracking system, ready to order more envelopes, Sherry Truitt? Why yes, I am.
There's the company I source my levels from across the sea and the folks that provide me compasses (they always know you are a return customer) close to home. There's the guy who melts down sterling and returns it in sheets to me , as well as the great big silver company.
Oh, I'm sure they would be in business without me. But, it's thousands of businesses like mine that make up the bulk of their customers. They know I could go to any number of suppliers. I choose all of them, just like my customers choose me.
Because when you get right down to it, it's not just the products they make, it's the service they provide. Just like me. I try never to forget that.
It's a great life.
Kiss the ones you love,


Catherine Ivins said...

Sherry- this is exactly what I needed to hear today - I am totally in love with this interconnectedness - and the way we all support each other - I think when my fear tries to hold me back from EXPANDING I am going to think about all the other people who will be EXPANDING along with me!!

xo- Cat :)

Sherry said...

It's an empowering feeling, isn't it Cat? That others rely on us, and we rely on them. It's quite different than working for someone else!


lisaroyhandbags said...

it's true - we're all connected by a thread. And it's great when you find that special supplier that really treats you like you're their most treasured client even if you are one in a thousand. : )

Waterrose said...

It is mind boggling when you think about how the tentacles reach out as you run your business. I think that is one of the reasons that small business has such an impact monetarily in our country and why it's so important to support them. (this mornings article was written by my lovely daughter)

Pretty Things said...

So true! And you have so much more ahead of you!!! Very exciting!

Rebecca said...

What a fantastic post... so interesting to see how all these businesses fit together! And you're so right about choosing the ones who not only offer the product you need, but the service... whether it's helpful info, a great and easy-to-navigate website, quick shipping, convenience in ordering... or whatever. That customer service can make all the difference! Something that I, too, try to remember each time I answer a convo about a product and each time I package one up to ship out.

Katie Gates said...

I like this post and the implications about business relationships. I've always enjoyed those relationships that get developed over the phone (or through email) over the course of months and years. There's something uniquely special about them. Good luck with your venture!!!