Wednesday, March 10

What does your work do for you?

Do you try out the word artist to see how it fits? Are you comfortable with it? My friend Lena emigrated from Russia almost 10 years ago. She, and her then 10 year old son escaped a brutal life in the shadows of Chernobyl. Last year she married a wonderful man, a self professed computer nerd. He refers to me as an artist. He says I look at things in a completely different way than he does. It's the first time I really saw myself that way.

So, I've been thinking about all the wonderful things, aside from the obvious work itself, that my craft does for my life. Some may seem um, yeah, to you, but to the majority of the planet, they are gifts indeed.

I get to hop on my bike anytime I feel like it. If that means working late into the night, so be it.

I get to work from home in a studio that may never be finished, but I am always there for the ones I love.

My jewelry humbly plays a part in weddings and anniversaries, adoptions and births, celebrations of a lifetime.

Since 2008, I have been able to make 13 loans through Kiva to budding entrepreneurs around the globe. I have the privilege of supporting Doctors without Borders in Haiti and Darfur.

I can surf the net without anyone looking over my shoulder, as well as chat with all of you when I want to.

I will get to wake up every day and do work I love for the rest of my life.

It's grand, isn't it?



Catherine Ivins said...

I'm with you Sherry- we are so lucky! I worked for a bank for 10 years and even though I was one creative banker- I am SO much happier now!

xo- Cat :)
AND I have met so many amazing people including you.

BlackStar said...

It is grand and it's something that I try not to take for granted.
We're a fortunate bunch!

Carol Emma said...

Well said Sherry. What a gift of freedom to be able to do what you want to do every single day! Thanks for the reminder.

Kristen said...

Next week I'm transitioning from full time to part time. I'm finally going to get to try that list you just described. (I'm still pinching myself.) I've already seen an explosion of creativity in myself that I look forward to exploring.

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Wonderful post.

I have loved being able to be home with my children, being able to set my hours, challenging myself, and seeing people admire and wonder how the work is done.

Julie Beck said...

I have a folder on my computer called "I am an Artist" because there are times everyday that the seed of doubt sneaks in and as I'm saving things to sell on etsy, or taking pictures, or filling out applications for festivals and saving them to that folder... I remind MYSELF that I am an artist.

I was just about to start doing the Kiva thing too!

connie said...

Thanks for reminding me how special my life is with your post. I try and call myself an artist but it gets stuck in my throat sometimes. I love your description! Have a great day and I hope you can ride your bike today. :-)

Waterrose said...

It is wonderful and freeing. While I wasn't home for my children...I'm home now and can take care of the things that use to wait for weekends. I've loved most of my jobs outside the home, but I'm especially fond of the one I have now, in my home.

Kathy said...

I would love to able to do what I do full time, but that is a long way off for me....but it's okay, because I take every moment I have to spare and spend it doing what I love to do. I am open to new opportunities and willing to work hard. I don't consider what I do art...but more craft and I am very happy and grateful to have a creative side. Thanks for the great post Sherry!