Friday, March 5

Food for (thought) Friday

week #2
I had a lighthearted post scheduled for this week's food for (thought) Friday, but Monday blew that out of the water.
Let me preface my story by saying that my husband is the most fit man I know. He swims 5 mornings a week. He rides his bike 4 days a week, 6 or 7 in the summer. When we met he was a competitive cyclist; he doesn't just go through the motions, he walks, well rides, the walk.
We eat pretty well. We only eat out once a week and I carefully prepare breakfast and supper most nights. Mr. T still eats meat and chicken (I don't), but I source the food carefully. It's very important to me.
Early Monday morning he went for his annual physical and then stopped home before going to work. Cholesterol excellent, he said. Blood glucose needs to be watched. I looked in his hand and there was a blood glucose monitoring kit. My heart stopped beating. Diabetes? I was quiet, but inside I was screaming, how can this be?
Medical opinions vary on acceptable glucose levels, from 75 to 100. Mr. T's was about 101. His doctor always errs on the side of caution. It reaches as high as 600 in some people. "The doctor said I should test once a day in the evening", he said calmly. The first night it was 102. The 2nd night, I was in the living room when I heard the needle pop into his finger. It sounded like an explosion.
We talked about what he eats, quietly, calmly. Lunches with clients, sweets the women at work regularly bring in. Table sugar in his coffee. We were in bed on Wednesday night and he told me he remembered that his maternal grandfather had diabetes and he thought he might have been insulin dependent. How the fuck did I not know that?
It is not my life and it is not my body. It is, though, the man I adore. So, I have to tread carefully. But, there will be changes. When I make changes, I go full throttle, this time I will go more slowly. I did however throw out 10 pounds of sugar. Was I planning to bake for an army?
Thanks for listening and take care of the ones you love,


Waterrose said...

oh sherry I know with your care your husband is in the best of hands. It takes a while to come to terms, as I'm sure you're aware, and the immediate shock is overwhelming. Especially when you take such good care of yourselves. Hugs to you and I hope the numbers start falling soon.

Mary said...

it's always difficult to hear a diagnosis like this but his numbers are still pretty low and as you said, his doctor is being cautious. it sounds like it will be manageable and that you two already do a lot of things right. good luck to you both!

connie said...

I am sorry to hear this. I live in fear of diabetes. I have it on both sides. :-( Hang in there and continue taking good care of your hubby and yourself.

Victoria Webb said...

My grandmother had latent diabetes and was on medication for it, so I do watch my numbers. Looks like your husband's doctor caught this very early. And if he's that healthy - he sounds like a marathon athlete!- then he has a great chance of managing it.

Still, any threat to our bodies is a shock, isn't it. Wishing you both the best of good care and luck!

BlackStar said...

Sorry to hear about Mr. Sherry. I don't know much about the big D, but maybe if he cuts out the extra sugar, he can lower his count naturally?
Now that we're getting older, we all should watch what we eat. I need to watch because I never used to eat junk and it seems to be sneaking into our lives and I'm not sure why.

Pretty Things said...

Oh wow. Thinking of you.

elisa said...

Wow. Who would have thought someone that active would get Type II. Although it's not definite right? The doctor didn't say it as an absolute - right? I'm sorry you have to deal with all of this. The good news is that the numbers are so low. Hang in there!

Fringe said...

I understand your fear and worry, dear friend. When our loved ones are threatened it scares the hell out of us, and makes us angry too. I agree with what everyone else said before me. It was caught early, he lives a healthy lifestyle, you have a good cautious doctor, you tossed the sugar...all of these things are wonderful.

Just when we think we've got life sort of figured out, we get a damn curve ball. With you taking care of him, I'm certain he'll be in great shape.

Sending you love and hugs...

Kathy said...

It's tough isn't it? I hope all goes well and that it can be controlled easily. I have watched my husband...age 57....limp around in terrible pain...some days hardly able to get in and out of his truck because he needs a hip replacement. I have found doctors, left numbers for him and begged him to go. I finally gave up. He will go when he is ready, or he will never go. His choice. It's just so hard to watch, especially when I know he could be helped...and life would be so much nicer for him.

I'm glad you husband it listening to his doctor and to his body. Please keep us up to date on what is going on. I'm thinking about you.

maisy and alice said...

I had a similar incident with my hubby earlier in the year and it's such a shock when you do everything right regarding your diet. But your husband sounds fit and healthy so he can manage this. You are doing everything right so take a big breath! Best to you both x

Barbra said...

Major ((((HUGS))))!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Sherry.... I am sorry to hear this! It is hard to be blindsided by unexpected health issues this way.

Your husband does have a lot going for him. His excellent health regimen, active life and great he has the benefits of having the love, support and caring of a smart and conscientious partner.

Hugs to you both!!!

Annette F Tait said...

yes, it's important to take care! food is everything to the body and will nurture it always. You have a good food philosophy!

stacy di said...

What a shock that must have been for you! It's a good thing he's so fit, and that you eat healthy foods already...the changes you will have to make hopefully won't have to be as drastic.

10 pounds of sugar?!! I think you could be charged with attempted murder if you kept that in the house :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Sherry, I so know how you feel when it comes to making careful changes. My husband has a sweet tooth that I cannot fight, and it just drives me batty, how to get him to stop going to the cookie isle when he goes to the grocery store.

good luck to you miss. lots of love.