Wednesday, March 24

Eating Bonbons

There must be a knack to successfully become a woman of leisure. I did not do it well, although I gave it my best shot. Now, there were stretches of time I do not recall, but I attribute that to codeine and not being able to eat solid food for a few days.
I learned that I am a much better care taker than receiver. But I could see that my hubby was trying so hard to make the pain go away that I just gave in. It really was sweet. And while he did manage to sneak off for a few bike rides, he set up the "father's day" chair on the patio to make me comfy first.
He went to the book store and bought me Seth Godin's "Linchpin" as well as Atomic Ranch. We live in a craftsman bungalow, but every so often we talk about living in a Populuxe style ranch home. This is the magazine to foster those dreams.
I took a few days off from work. I took one whole day off from even thinking about work. I cannot remember how many years ago I did that, but I am going to do it again. Some day.
When I started to feel better, I begin to write. So many ideas swirled in my head, I didn't know where to begin. It used to drive me crazy that I'd have so many little lines on my bench, half started. Now, I am thinking of them as pieces of the whole. Some will make it, some won't. I've been thinking about different lines on etsy and my website.
But for now, I am grateful to be back at work, music in the background, work in progress at the bench. I'm a little behind with two projects promised for the end of the month, but I'll catch up.
And no, I never did get to eat a bonbon, I'm going to try and keep the teeth I have.
Thanks for all your good wishes my friends,


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh Sherry, the only time I manage to be a woman of leisure is when I'm anaesthetised or subsequently pain's the only time the voices in my head are quiet...or I simply can't make out what they're saying. I understand, but rest up so you can heal up. Best to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sherry, I need to start checking your blog more often! I've been really bad about it lately...

I hope you are feeling better soon hun, and they find a way to fix that tooth. Kevin was a hokey guy growing up, so naturally he's had a tooth loss or two... he wear's a partial now, and doesn't have any problems with it really. Except when he forgets to put it in, ha!

No worries hun, none of us are perfect... just perfectly ourselves. Remember? ♥

We will all still love you.

Anonymous said...

whoops! I can't type. make that 'hockey' not hokey. *giggles*

of course, he's kinda hokey too sometimes...

BlackStar said...

A few days off and you look so different! I didn't know that you smoked. ;)
Glad to hear that you're back on the road.

Pretty Things said...

LOL at BlackStar!

I'm glad you're on the mend. Soon it will be my turn for bon bons and bed but I, however, do it quite well!

Kathy said...

Leisure....what is that? Some day you will be happy you had some....or sort of some. Glad you are getting back in the swing of things.

Catherine Ivins said...

Don't you miss Peg, Sherry? Why do we need to be hurt or ill to let everything go? Ack- people tell me I am so lucky to work at home and I say - what? it means I am always at work! - I am seriously glad you are feeling better though. Think maybe we could learn something from Peg?

Josée Lafond said...

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UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Rest and recuperate. Teeth problems can be the worst.