Thursday, October 29

Going Commercial

My husband took People magazine to work this week. I was really touched how proud he was, and showed my jewelry placement to some of his colleagues. One fellow, who works part time, a talented artist and musician in his own right, said something like "OMG, she's gone commercial! I could never do something like that. "

Well, that just set me off. First of all, anyone who knows the story, knows that I pay little attention to mainstream popular culture. I knew vaguely of Twilight. When someone mentioned that the locations were actual towns, it was a light bulb moment for me. I pulled out my vintage maps and thought, how fun would that be to make something with Forks and Port Angeles.

When Etsy and People came calling, I really was stunned. And then I got to thinking, what is wrong with commercial notoriety, albeit for 15 minutes? It's damn hard work, it's stressful and it's also the most fun you can have with your clothes on. And, although, I'd never put myself in the category of artists who take commercial assignments to afford the opportunity to do other work. It is something I'm going to ponder.


Angela said...

You know, for some reason some people can not just be happy for others. I am not sure if it is jealousy or what.

I am darn proud of you and proud to "know" you! Just keep your head up! I am a 30 something reading the Twilight series for the first time now. I think your earrings (and other items) are very classy and they are something that not only teens would wear but also a not "in your face" twilight item for those of us who are older but still fans!

You just keep up the good work and know that that guy would go commercial in a heart beat if he was given half the chance...and if he didn't he is just a damn fool.

Mary said...

I don't know why people say such snarky things but I have run into the same sort of thing. Just chalk it up to jealousy....or something that isn't about you or your work ;-)

And I love that your husband is proud of you ;-)

BlackStar said...

He could never do anything like that? LOL! I can bet that he would.
And, no, he does not know you at all. Add another LOL to that one!
I am very proud of you.

Bridget said...

Sherry I'm UBER PROUD of you....C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on the advertising exposure. You deserve it girlfriend. Ignore any/all negative energy from others...they don't matter anyway.

Rebecca said...

I think it's fantastic that you are getting the exposure! And I hope you are even more successful because of it. It's one thing when it kind of falls in your lap; it's another to simply create items that don't mean much to your artistic soul simply for the sake of making money. That's simply not a fulfilling artistic lifestyle, and I know that isn't what you are doing. You just happened to create something that "commercial" folks like. So yay for you! And I haven't read, nor do I intend to read the Twilight series, or see the movies, but I think your work is fabulous even without the connection. I simply like the look of the maps. So feel good about yourself, your product, and your "commercial" success!

Pretty Things said...

Aw man! Commercial? What the heck? I don't get it. Just because you are featured in a national magazine does not mean you "sold out to the man". I mean, one of a kind couture is advertised in international magazines all the time, right?

And what you do is not commercial. Even though you make more than one of them, it's not commercial. It's smart. It's stylish and not fly-by-night. It's classic. People can wear these pieces long after Twilight has faded. They'd don't scream "FAD!". They DO scream "ARTISAN" and "QUALITY".

I'm just going to chalk it up to that guy having foot-in-mouth-syndrome.

Pretty Things said...

And PS, I love the middle piece, the necklace, but am seeing "Charlottesville, VA" on it, for my wedding location!

Sigh. Your work is great, and you are such a step beyond the typical Twilight....stuff.

Kathy said...

I couldn't wait to tell everyone that I "knew" someone that was in People magazine. I told my husband as soon as I read your post.

How rude anyway. The opportunity you were given was beyond awesome. You should be so proud of what you have accomplished. It was a great honor and if it helps boost business...that even more awesome.

You rock Sherry!! Keep up the great work.

Waterrose said...

oh poo. Pay no attention to those people. You do what you feel is right for you. I love the piece with the dangly on the rectangle....wonderful. I finally read the first book of the series, just six months the request of my daughter. But have no inclination to read the rest. Just have fun with all of the wonderful things that come your way!

miznyc said...

ugh. Don't pay these people any mind. Your husband should've kept that one to himself. lol.

Congrats Sherry! I've been way out of the Etsy loop lately.

Fire Lily Jewelry said...

You created a lovely piece of jewelry that happens to be inspired by a movie that's currently popular ... and you sold lots of them! I say, "yay to going commercial"!

You in no way sold-short your products or your values.

So what exactly is this person's problem?

I agree with the other commenters ... sounds like envy.

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

I am very proud of you Sherry! It is what most artist dream of!

I was called a capitalist once by a friend when I first started selling my jewelry.

You go girl!

Catherine Ivins said...

ACK I hate this kind of thing. I had a friend tell me that 'real' art is ok to sell on giclees and limited edition prints, but once it goes on a mug - it is no longer 'real' art - I guess the art museum where I bought my Mona Lisa mug didn't care that they were de-valuing this great work by their blatant profiteering.

I think if your art didn't touch something in you - it couldn't touch something in someone else and that very touching is what makes it art. If you create something that makes a larger connection that is something to be celebrated.

Profitability doesn't diminish art. I think this is the kind of guy who has trouble being happy for other people and this is just how he goes around seeing the world. UGH!

I love that your husband was showing you off!

xo- Cat :)

Jennifer said...

Hey there! Congrats to you!! I read about it in the forums and I agree that sometimes people say those things because they don't know how to be happy for others/feel jealous. I hope you have lots of fun with this and continued success :)

Deirdre said...

Congratulations!! Hope it brings you many sales.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Don't worry about it. Just be proud of yourself and proud that others like your work.

stacy di said...

what a GREAT idea for jewelry...and there is nothing wrong with exposure! you should be absolutely proud of your accomplishments!

you're fabulous, you have fantastic jewelry, and a successful business. Phooey on the snarky people of the world.