Friday, May 1

A little greener in May

It's been raining on and off for a few days where I live, and everything is a glorious verdant green. In just a short while my clematis, climbing roses and iris should be in bloom.

I've also decided to challenge myself to choose 3 more ways to live greener, and with a lighter foot print this May. It's those small drops in the bucket that make a big difference to the planet.

Here are my three:

1. I'm not going to use my car unless I have 3 errands to run. For every day I don't use the car at all, I'll put $5.00 in a jar. Maybe we'll use it at the beach, or maybe I'll have enough for a hybrid car one day.

2. I ordered an eco friendly washing ball from true green this morning. no more detergent for us. Need, more info about them? Just ask me.

3. I'm going to sew some little snack bags this weekend for my husband and son to take to work and school and cut down on those plastic baggies!

So my friends, any ideas you'd care to share? Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


Beadin By The Sea said...

Very inspiring ideas Sherry! I like the one about the errands, I tend to put them off so I usually have at least 3 when I get around to it, but I hadn't thought about the amount of gas I save.

Here's a couple of things I do:
1.I always try to use reusuable bags at the grocery store and if I forget, I promise I will still run back to the car to get them. I should start using them more in other shops like in the mall and department stores as well.

2. I live in a cul-de-sac and we carpool our kids to school.(The bus comes way too early, but they take it home.) It's great because I only drive 1 week per month.

Katie said...

Beautiful photo! I want to know about the washing ball. Send me some info.
~One thing that I've been doing for years is putting up food from our garden. We also pick as much fruit locally from orchards and can/freeze them too. It really cuts down on our grocery bills, plus it's so much healthier. And we buy in bulk whenever possible.

Kathy said...

Those are great ideas Sherry. We have also tried to cut down on the little trips here and there. We bought the great water bottles you suggested and now don't have to buy a case of little bottles every week. I never leave lights on. I even turn them off at work...much to the dismay of my co-workers...but hey if you are leaving for an hour...why does your office light need to be on? We are recycling more and throwing away less. I am also using old things to make new things in MyOtherShop and I love it. So much fun!

Thanks for the great post!

Julie Beck said...

I would like to know about these washing balls as well.

I always use reusable bags for groceries and other items (those canvas bags are great for overnight bags too!)

I also re-use granola or dried fruit containers to mix large amounts of paint in.

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

Sherry I started 2 weeks ago walking to the Post Office and my studio. It is a total of 5 miles.

Also, my green momma sewed her girls 2 large canvas shopping bags. I know use them.

I reuse the bubblewrap that I receive from bead orders.

I keep the plastic Folger's containers and give them to vending friends who sell fresh flowers.

Ann Renee Lighter said...

What a beautiful picture on this post!
I love all of your ideas about going green, and you are right, if we all do what we can, it will make a big difference.
I have been using reusable totes for shopping bags and as summer approaches, will be riding my bicycle more and driving less.
I also hang my laundry out in the summer instead of using the dryer.

PoleStar Jewelry said...

Very inspiring especially the car idea. There are some days we play around the house instead of going places and I should put $5 in a jar. You are a very inspiring Sherry!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Great ideas. This is going to take some thought...we're pretty green around here. I'll start with being more observant, I'm sure I'll find a way to make an even bigger impact, thanks!

uncorked said...

love your 3 things sherry and you have a much better attitude than me about the rain- I just feel all wet and grumpy!

Barbra said...

I reuse paper constantly...envelopes from mailings, scraps after addresses are printed,backs of note paper and cards. The shopping list for the supermarket yesterday was written on the back of my college alumni bulletin.Save a tree!