Sunday, February 15

If you can help

Every small drop in a bucket is a ripple effect for those that could use a little help. If you are wondering how to assist our friends in Australia during this time of crisis, may I suggest a visit to ozbushfireappeal

I purchased this amazing photo donated by ppdesigns

World wide shipping is free. Thanks.


Kathy said...

I'm off work tomorrow and I will try to take a look them. My heart just aches for everyone. Beautiful photo!

ppdesigns said...

Great blog post to support a very worthy cause!!! Thank You for purchasing my photo - it is on its way to you now!!

jodie nicholson said...

Thanks so much for supporting this cause, Sherry. The support from people around the world has been amazing.
We've had a rough week here in Australia, especially those of us in Victoria where the fires are still burning.
We're having a national day of mourning this Sunday.

The shop has exceeded all of our hopes, the response has been incredible. It has been a little (big!) ray of light at a very bleak time.