Monday, October 20

Dinner for Eight

I was recently at a dinner party where we were asked to make a list of guests for an interesting dinner party we'd like to host. You can have eight guests, they have to be living. Don't over think it. Here's my list, what's yours?


2. My husband

3.Sean Penn

4. Thomas Mann

5. Kate Spade

6.Bill Clinton

7. Tina Fey

8. Aice Hoffman


kim* said...

im cheating...
2. boyfriend
3.rose melberg
4.the snowfairies
5.super chunk
6.keith green
7.heather & kirsten
8.doris delay
9. that dog
10.cleo my cat

Oh2122 said...

I have actually thought a lot about this. The whole "living" thing puts a kink in my plan to have Einstein, Vonnegut, and Asimov (for Hubby). So I'll improvise and go with:

1. Me
2. Hubby
3. Son (because I would want him to meet these people)
4. The Dalai Lama
5. Stephen Hawking
6. Rachel Maddow
7. Barak Obama
8. Stephen King or J.K. Rowling

sherry said...

Kim, two of your guests will have to stand!
And oh2122, I used to have people on my list that were no longer alive, threw me for a loop too.

High Desert Diva said...

Interesting list!

I did something similar a few months ago:

but two of my guests are dead

Scott Bulger Photography said...

1. Me
2. My Wife
3. My Oldest Son
4. Ted Orland
5. Joel Myerowitz
6. Jerry Uelsmann
7. Will Michael
8. Ryan Linehan

jodie nicholson said...

1. Me
2. Kevin Rudd (Australian PM)
3. Michael Palin (Actor/comedian)
4. Bryce Courtenay (Author)
5. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (whacky celebrity scientist)
6. Tina Fey
7. Kathy Lette (author)
8. Kathy Griffin

It would be interesting, educational and there'd be loads of laughter.

hardecres said...

Mine are:
1) Me
2) Former Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau
3) Henry Kissinger
4) Yo Yo Ma
5) Sandra Day O'Conner
6) Makail Gorbachev
7) Yogi Berra
8) Joan Rivers

Anonymous said...

1. Me
2. My husband Bill
3. Thomas Friedman
4. Lynne Twist
5. Bill Gates
6. Melinda Gates
7. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
8. Bill Clinton

WOW - I would really love to meet this group.