Tuesday, July 17

Brown Speckled Egg

On my morning walk, deep in thought, I found this brown speckled egg. No mamma bird or siblings in sight. I picked it up, and it was hollow, so I decided to bring it home.

I was thinking about how nice it is to have fellow artists who blog and are sweet to post your work. I'd like to thank them both..... cghandmade and latefragments Please check out both blogs and the links to the amazing etsy shops of Christine and James.


Paperbagdaisy said...

what a beautiful egg to find! hmmmm wonder how it go there??

james said...

I love that little story!

And thanks so much for spotlighting my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

So cool. I love what nature presents us with sometimes.

designsbynana said...

so sherry, great blogs and amazing work! That egg is a good luck egg...cherish it and keep it in a safe place.