Friday, May 25

TrUe BLuE SpiRiT LeVeL BraCeLeT


Sixth & Elm said...

I love this one! I have a combination wrench, scissors, pen, knife and nail file for a keychain, a swiss army credit card with all of the above plus tweezers and a 200 pice toolkit that fits into an eyeglass case, but I don't have a portable level! It would be the ultimate joke for me to get this, my friends would never stop teasing....

But you made it look so nice - it is a piece of art and the functionality only seems symbolic, even though it really would work as a level, if you wanted it to.


sherry said...

Oh, another tool junkie...I have a tiny tool kit too and a swiss army credit card with a built in flashlight!

Needless to say, I wear my spirit level bracelet every day.